Massages and treatment at home in Marrakech
Massages and treatment at home in Marrakech

Massages and treatment at home in Marrakech

Alphais Spa, your well-being partner! Massage, cold exfoliation, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures at home: relax your body and mind.

Alphais Spa in Marrakech allows you a treatment at home any time. Are you weighed down by the stress of everyday life? Do you want a wellness break to catch your breath? Call on Alphais Spa in Marrakech to enjoy a Zen massage or any other beauty treatment at your home.
After a grueling day at work, there is nothing more enjoyable than coming home. But to regain your fullness, that may not be enough. So how about enjoying a good massage at home? Go home quietly, one of our beauticians will come to your home to give you an unforgettable well-being experience.
Looking for a massage or beauty treatment at home in Marrakech? You can trust Alphais Spa: our home institute is a true combination of wellbeing, relaxation and awakening of the senses. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing/energizing massage or any other beauty treatment, we can advise you on the perfect suited option to your desires and your current needs. In addition, our schedules are flexible, to allow you enjoying your treatment at the most convenient time of your schedule.
For our care treatments we use top-of-the-range products and we work only with major wellness brands. Contact us to book your treatment at home in Marrakech and please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about our services.

All our services at home are available again every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Book yours now!
* relaxation and well-being, non-sexual
** prices identical to those of our Medina Spa, PRICES
*** On reservation at least 24h in advance