Sanitary protocol

Hygiene has always been a priority at Alphais. The many customer reviews on Tripadvisor attest to this. From the outset, this dimension was taken into account.
For example, the joints of the tiling of hammams and jacuzzi are made of epoxy, in order to prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria.
The hammams are washed between each client, the towels and mattress protectors for the massage tables are changed, the bunk disinfected. Aesthetic tools are also disinfected. Our staff are subject to very strict hygiene rules. Clean bathrobes and sandals, boxers or disposable bikini are provided to each guest.
Following the Covid-19 epidemic, we are also taking the following health measures:
For our customers: disinfection of the soles at the entrance to the spa, hydro-alcoholic hand gel, contactless temperature measurement,
For our premises: daily complete disinfection of the spa, every hour for contact areas, tables, handles, etc., complete disinfection of massage or beauty tables after use.
For our staff: Awareness and training regarding the risks associated with viruses and bacteria in general and Covid 19 in particular. On arrival, same measures as for customers. Wearing a mask or visor in common areas, wearing a mask during massage and beauty treatments.