hammam marrakech


In the heart of the medina of Marrakech. Alphais Spa is a place of total change of scenery. In a Moroccan atmosphere and a warm welcome, come and discover our hammams.
Alphais Spa combines hospitality and professionalism. Your well-being is always at the center of our concerns. In a pleasant setting, the Hammam Alphais Spa with its facilities and the expert hands of its professionals will do everything for your peace and quiet.
The pleasure of the body but also of the spirit, sensation of purity and softness; The vapors, the waters and the massages will be at the origin of your happiness; They promote relaxation and help relieve stress.
After the hammam, our fragrant teas will complement your relaxation and wellness.

hammam marrakech
hammam marrakech

Treatment process in the hammam

The Moroccan hammam literally means in Arabic "hot water", or "hot spring".
Unlike Turkish baths, the Moroccan hammam diffuses dry heat. On request, a steam generator can be activated.
You must wear a disposable bikini or boxer shorts provided, but, if necessary (presence of children, friends, etc.), you can wear your swimsuit, or a headband covering the chest can be provided.
The dry heat will cause profuse sweating which thoroughly cleanses the skin.

- The session begins with an exfoliation treatment with black soap. This completely ecological paste is made of olive oil and black olive pulp. It is often scented with eucalyptus oil. The body is coated with it, then rubbed vigorously with a kessa glove.
- There follows a meticulous rinsing. Depending on the treatment chosen, your skin will then receive the famous rhassoul wrap. This gray clay, extracted from the mountains of the Middle Atlas is full of mineral salts, trace elements and provitamins, which will detoxify, regenerate and nourish your epidermis.
- After ten minutes of exposure during which your skin covered with rhassoul is full of invigorating active ingredients, you are ready to receive a wash with body shampoo and gel with Moroccan natural products.
- Depending on your initial choice, a massage with special rose oil, rich in vitamins E, known for its nutritive and re-structuring properties will be practiced.
- The treatment ends in the rest or reception room, where you can rehydrate before the continuation of your treatment or your departure